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Sam’s Science Journal

Sam Miller Science Journal

60 Minutes of Science

Sam Miller 60 Minutes of Free Science


The Hormone


Sam Miller Hormone Blueprint

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Sam Miller Hormone Blueprint
Science Journal

Sam Miller’s Science Journal

Receive the latest science news and information from Sam Miller himself. This will contain valueable scientific insights and knowledge to help you further your education! Delivered right to your inbox!
60 Minutes of Science

60 Minutes of Free Science by Sam Miller

60 Minute digital group call covering thyroid hormone, metabolism and nutrition science.
Hormone Blueprint

Sneak Peak of The Hormone Blueprint

Sam’s book will help you learn, understand, and APPLY everything you need to know about hormones and how they impact lifestyle, training, and nutritional prescriptions! This is like the ROSETTA STONE for understanding your client’s Hormone issues! 
This PREVIEW features the high-demand section on Metabolism & Thyroid:
  • Bridge the gap from knowledge to SUCCESS in real-world application
  • ​Thorough and detailed understanding of Thyroid Anatomy & Physiology
  • Understanding the Interplay Between Thyroid & Stress
  • How to Track and Manage Thyroid Health
Coaches Kit

Private Facebook Community

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