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Coaching Mentorship

The Applied Science Methods Mentorship

We KNOW that most people benefit from a health and nutrition coach – the strategy, mindset corrections and accountability have innumerable benefits. Every week you see the growth in your clients.
But what about your growth?
Somewhere along your own journey, you stopped doing the very thing you advise others to do – work with a coach.
I have personally hired multiple different coaches. They help me to further my education, to grow as a person, and even provide me new networking opportunities (game changing).
And I’ve learned this:  linear growth shifts and become exponential growth shifts, retention improves (#money) and we get results.

In short, the coach WITH a coach has a compass to close the gap between their current acumen and unrealized potential.

Close YOUR Gap.

What do YOU get with the Applied Science Methods Mentorship?
  • Online Learning
  • Members-only ​​​​​​​Slack Channel
  • Virtual Group Sessions
Coaching for Coaches
Group Coaching

The Applied Science Academy

What if your level of KNOWLEDGE matched your level of PASSION???

Introducing the Applied Science Academy

The first program designed to equip coaches like you with all of the knowledge, confidence, and tools needed to successfully serve and retain ANY client that comes your way!
NOW available FOR A FRACTION of the price of mentorship, or even monthly nutrition coaching!
Sure, you’ve learned about exercise and nutrition through your own journey, maybe even passed a certification or obtained a degree, but where do you learn to manage difficult situations, or protect your hard-earned reputation? 
E-Book for Coaches

The Hormone Blueprint

Finally, a resource to help you learn, understand, and APPLY everything you need to know about hormones and how they impact lifestyle, training, and nutritional prescriptions! This is like the ROSETTA STONE for understanding your client’s Hormone issues! 

The Hormone Blueprint is the first book that truly provides you with the answers you need, THE TRUTH in how to apply them, and the ability to do so in a fast, safe, and effective manner!

This E-Book Will:

  • Help you understand, repair, and optimize hormones
  • End the frustration associated with dieting and not seeing results
  • Bridge the gap from knowledge to SUCCESS in real-world application
  • ​Introduce the simple, yet effective, P3 model of implementation to end information overload
  • Provide the confidence and clarity needed to remain committed to a program that you KNOW will work