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Tom Hippler

Key Nutrition

Mike Millner

Peak Optimization Performance

Jenn Key

Key Nutrition

Shannon Horricks

Nourished Lifestyle formerly known as Redefine Impossible Coaching 

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“Making the investment of hiring Sam to help my team of coaches grow as individuals and practitioner, was a no-brainer. It gave them more knowledge and education on science we NEED but in a way that was actually applicable. This is not something you should go without, education is the biggest way to grow as a coach and Sam is absolutely one of the smartest in the game.”

Cody McBroom

Owner and Head Coach, Boom Boom Performance

“Sam’s consult and advice assured me that I was taking the right steps with two clients with autoimmune conditions. Not only was it helpful for me, but it was excellent reassurance for my clients to know that I consulted with an expert on our strategy for their nutrition and lifestyle changes. Client confidence and trust is a huge deal! Sam also gave me some additional direction to investigate a few strategies I hadn’t considered. I will definitely utilize his services again and am excited to have a resource for complex and challenging client cases.”

Christy Campbell

Owner and Head Coach, Fit Me Nutrition