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“Making the investment of hiring Sam to help my team of coaches grow as individuals and practitioner, was a no-brainer. It gave them more knowledge and education on science we NEED but in a way that was actually applicable. This is not something you should go without, education is the biggest way to grow as a coach and Sam is absolutely one of the smartest in the game.”


“Sam has a way of explaining the interconnectedness of our bodies in a way that really resonates with me. His team is a wealth of knowledge and has really helped me put theory into practice and application for my clients.”


“Sam has provided the perfect balance of education content, as well as intervention strategies, to assist your current or future clientele. Highly recommend, regardless of your status as a coach, client, or athlete!”


“Sam’s understanding of the endocrine system, training, and nutrition is only exceeded by his ability to communicate it in a easily understandable format.”


“Sam serves as a gold mine of knowledge for any coach or individual interested in maximizing their health & well being.”


“Sam has taken one of the most misunderstood areas of managing someone’s health and made it easy to understand and apply with confidence.”


“Sam manages to clearly explain complex topics and present them in a applicable fashion for everyone to gain a ton of value, and apply it to their clients or themselves.”


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