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Making Sense of Nutrition to Transform Metabolic Health

Even The Smartest Coaches need Coaching

If you are here, there is a very good chance you are already a great nutrition coach. But you have started to noticed something as you have grown your practice…

As you’ve consistently scaled your business, you are starting to see more and more complicated cases and clients with nagging issues, stubborn plateaus, or failed gains. For you, this might mean late night Google searches or asking other coaches (like me) for help with the harder, complex cases to try to create results.

You’re at a crossroads.

With questions like, “How do I become the last coach my clients ever need?”

Sam Miller

Best Selling Author
Metabolism School Founder

My Approach and Coaching Philosophy

Knowledge without application is useless. After all, you’re being paid to be a good coach, not a good researcher.

My team and I focus on teaching you how to create and implement individualized programs for every client.

At the higher levels, great coaching is just as focused on integration as it is on the information.

That’s how to serve your clients and community at the highest level.

Creating Confident coaches

We not only give you the knowledge needed to understand health and nutrition science, but more specifically you’ll have confidence in how to apply it so you can show up for your clients who need you.

Helping Coaches Stand Out

You aren’t “just a coach” – you are a human with a story, and a unique set of circumstances that serve as connection potential for your clients.

Elevating Your Impact

Magnify your impact by providing a higher level of support and  by developing a more comprehensive understanding on even the most complex client cases.


Metabolism School 101 Video Series

This FREE video series is for coaches who want to understand how macro and micronutrient changes impact clients’ metabolism, body composition, and lab markers.

This content has been accessed by thousands of coaches across the globe and is now available at no-cost so that you can create real changes in your clients’ metabolic health as soon as your next check-in.

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